Having your battery die mid-project is horrible. Having it die mid-Netflix is the worst.
Here are 4 simple things you can do to help extend battery time for your laptop.

1. Clear the Vents 

Your laptop should stay on a hard surface and never be left for long periods of time on a couch cushion, bed or anything soft that would prevent airflow though the bottom. (This is where the fan is!) If the vents in the laptop become clogged or covered, your laptop will start working double duty! The harder the laptop works, the faster it will drain your battery.

How you know it’s bad: If you hear the fan working hard, loud buzzing, or the laptop is hot to the touch… you should move from where you are. Place the laptop on a table or a desk. If the buzzing noise does not stop, contact us. Let us know the issue and we will work to resolve it!

2. Turn the Brightness Down and Leave It There

There will be times when you need the brightness at Max, but most of the time, a lower setting will work just fine. Your screen brightness is directly related to the speed at which your battery is drained on all mobile devices including your laptop. You can quickly adjust the brightness with keyboard settings or by searching for “power” in the Windows menu.

3. Make like a Bear and Hibernate

If you are not actively using the device, make it sleep (or hibernate) until you come back. This will giving the battery draw a break. While you are in the Power Setting menu, make changes to when your device will sleep. Keep in mind these 2 helpful settings: 1. “Choose when to turn off the display” and 2. “Change when the computer sleeps”. Personalize it to your needs and start saving juice. 

4. Unplug When Charged

It is widely debated among manufacturers that you can improve the life of the battery by unplugging it from the charging source when the battery is fully charged. A new battery will give you about 400 charge cycles (full charge with a drain to zero).  In theory, keeping it plugged in can significantly decrease the amount of charges that one battery will have. So, watch your particular mobile device battery’s tolerance and get don’t forget to be mobile!

What are your favorite charging tips? Let us know and get a gift card!