vne8214ns9govxoy7dcu_dsc_0266-1080x675With spring here, it might be tempting to extend your spring cleaning beyond closets, corners and junk drawers. When the sun is shining, we feel that way too. Let’s spruce up the workspace, shall we?

It’s important to have a Compex certified technician do the internal cleaning and work on your computer. (Especially if you think you have a virus, worm, malware, ransomeware or any other baddie.) But, there are a few things you can do to prevent excessive physical issues in between service and tune ups!


Let’s hit the preventative high notes first:

  1. Get your computer off the floor. The floor is dusty. If your personal or work PC is on the floor, elevate it on a small table or bring it up on your desk. Dust likes to gather on the floor and in hard to reach spaces under desks, cabinets and in corners.
  2. Avoid eating around or over your computer. We know the temptation, you only have a few minutes for lunch and you want to catch the end of the latest episode of your favorite show on Netflix. But, beverages, sauces, purees and crumbs in your PC is a very bad thing. Just take our word if you don’t have personal experience with dumping an entire cup of coffee into your laptop…it’s no good.
  3. Don’t put computers in dusty places. Whenever possible, to extend the life of your PC, avoid having your computer in garages or areas exposed to the elements. This includes open windows where dust, pollen and rain drops can get to it. (Also be careful when watering plants in your work area!)
  4. Get a Multifunction Printer/Scanner and Store in the Cloud. Your desk will look significantly cleaner, clearer and better (year round) if you remove as much of the clutter as possible. This means documents, memos, notes, receipts and other piles of paper. Use a scanner for paper documents you want to keep and upload them to cloud storage to keep your virtual desktop clean too. Then shred and recycle the old clutter. Share scanned files in a document management system, instead of printing and sharing traditionally.


Now- get your supplies together, clear off your desk, straighten papers and put on some tunes.

  1. Remove all extras from your desk. Plants, awards and macaroni picture frames of the kids… move it all and give yourself some space!
  2. Wipe down your work area with a clean dry rag. Remove dust. Move the remaining heavy items on your desk and dust under them. If things are especially yucky, use a lightly damp rag to spot clean the desk.
  3. Get some canned air and blow things out. You can used canned air to remove crumbs, dust and other goobers from your PC fan, keyboard and the nooks and crannies of your mouse too.
  4. Turn your keyboard over and give it a shake! Go ahead and wipe all that straight into the garbage can! Ew!
  5. Wipe your monitor down too! Don’t drench it. Use a soft, clean microfiber cloth to remove particles and make it shine. Finger prints? Use a touch of 1:1 distilled water and white vinegar on a rag for tough spots. NEVER spray the monitor down with anything- especially surface cleaners, alcohol or Windex!
  6. Put your desk back together, heeding the preventative warnings- and enjoy. While you are being selective… Consider tossing your old phone and using a Skype for Business soft phone. They are easy to use and inexpensive. Just another benefit of the internet!

Bonus: If you have a mouse pad and it’s looking gross, just replace it! Or email me and I will send you a spiffy new Compex pad!

Hey… while you are kicking butt… grab batteries for your wireless mouse and stick them in your desk now (before you need them). You will thank past-you for looking out for future-you, when you are on deadline and your mouse decides to die!

Raise a glass! (But not within 3 ft of your desk!)

Good job! Now… back to work!


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