DeSantis Landscapes

DeSantis Landscapes is a family-owned, nationally recognized landscaping company in Portland Oregon with offices in Salem and Portland. Their landscape projects range from commercial properties, to large private estates, to the most intimate residential gardens. In all cases, DeSantis creates and maintains balanced environments of extraordinary beauty and functionality. They are an award-winning company recognized for integrity, innovation and reliability. Since 1974, clients have entrusted DeSantis to design, build and maintain their landscape investment.

Compex has been a part of the DeSantis Team for over 10 years.  We have gone through a lot together over the years.  Today we operate in two facilities, Compex has been a huge part in enabling us to be able to do so.  We are completely cloud driven currently which allows us to access information from anywhere.  We have a highly tech driven business for a landscape business.  Our Team members rely daily on easily accessible information, time keeping and communication.  We rely heavily on our tech team to keep us running.  When there are challenges the Compex Team is on the issue, whether by phone, email or online.  They can remotely do just about anything that can be done onsite, only it’s instant, no waiting for someone to show up.  They appear on our computer and are able to quickly get us back up and going.  The Compex Team is invaluable to our team, if we didn’t have them I would have a lot less hair.  Thank you Matt and Team for everything.

Ken DeSantis


Computer Power Increased

Cloud Files Migrated

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