We are always looking for fresh, new ways to be more efficient in our business. Here at Compex, we have some tried and true methods we want to share. This will be a five part blog post. So, once you complete one area, feel free to check out the other posts.

There are five places in your business to assess and potentially implement new efficiency.

Workflow  |  Marketing  |  Human Resources  |  Accounting/Finance  |  Upper Management

In this post we will be looking at: Workflow

It’s easy to identify slow downs in a workflow process, but it can be difficult to find ways to improve problem areas or resolve them all together.

Here are a few Compex Efficiency Tips.

Know your Software, Inside and Out.

This is your daily productivity software. Your CRM, EHR or Quoting software. Your client database! Know it intimately and ensure every employee navigates it like a pro! This comes from training and experience. We have seen established employees increase up-time significantly with light monthly training/re-training and peer-based knowledge sharing. This means, when you learn a trick- Share it! This can be done in a cloud based file sharing system like SharePoint, or even with a file stored locally on your server. Look into online training programs for flexibility, or get the team onboard with a catered lunch and learn for a monthly mid-day learning boost.

Make your Technology work… all the time!

Big inefficiency and big money is wasted on technology that doesn’t provide a consistent and reliable experience. Can’t stay connected to the internet? Computer crashing? Viruses and other bugs in the system? Printers that seem to be confused about their job? When you have the ability to remove those troublesome elements… you should. It’s worth the financial commitment to replace technology every three years and refresh infrastructure at minimum every five years. Automate your updates, outsource your technology responsibilities and line up a support team that meets your business needs.

Make Changes Slowly and Methodically.

You may be tempted want to implement several changes all at once, to get the most out of your new system. But be careful! Too much change all at once can cause a lot of confusion. Depending on the size of you team, plan to roll out one new efficiency to the daily workflow per month, or even per quarter. Slow and steady changes with lots of training and assistance will make everyone ramp up comfortably, and confidently.

Have a System of Standardization.

This keeps things well documented and consistent. We have been doing this for years with our clients technology as well as our own. When you standardize on brands and procedures, it helps to keep everyone, even across different departments, on the same page. Standardize your purchasing, your onboarding, and your billing for ease of training and cross-training.

Train Before Rolling Out New Technology

This goes without saying, but keep in mind that different people process information in different ways. When rolling out new technology, it’s best to have a written procedure already in place. This helps people who prefer written word. You are able to accommodate people who prefer to learn on the job once the technology is introduced. Don’t forget to include a troubleshooting guide and a Frequently Asked Questions. Especially when more than one person or department are sharing this technology. (Also, make sure individuals are aware of the impact they have on others when using this new technology, if there is an impact. Think, when A resets the X, then it kicks off the entire B department. And that’s not very efficient.)

Don’t Wait to Automate! 

It seems like a silly and potentially obvious thing, but automation is sometimes difficult to implement. Don’t let fear of automation hold you back from putting it in place in your business. Imagine if you had to push a button to send/receive email. It’s so handy that it comes right into your mailbox, isn’t it? With proper testing and planning, adding automation to your workflow will help clients serve themselves, free up employees time for more comprehensive tasks and will ultimately streamline the day!


We hope you have enjoyed this post on Finding New Efficiency.

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