We are always looking for fresh, new ways to be more efficient in our business. Here at Compex, we have some tried and true methods we want to share. This will be a five part blog post. So, once you complete one area, feel free to check out the other posts.

There are five places in your business to assess and potentially implement new efficiency.

Workflow  |  Marketing  |  Human Resources  |  Accounting/Finance  |  Upper Management

In this post we will be looking at: Marketing


Use Social Media Aggregator Tools

These types of social media personal assistants make it simple to take in a wide variety of social media messages across many platforms, as well as quickly broadcast your message back across these outlets. You can create messages for multiple platforms at one time, as well as schedule them for future dates. This is especially handy for staying in contact with clients and prospects when you are away from the office. Bonus: This format makes quick work of knocking out a months worth of social media posts. Just make sure to follow up with your feeds for potentially untimely posts (because you can’t, you know… predict the future.)

We Like: HootSuite


Use A Reputation Management Tool

Depending on your industry, and personal interests, you may be familiar with or using popular platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews or Glassdoor. Keep on top of these kinds of feedback sites and check them regularly. Never leave negative feedback unattended. Negative feedback can and will happen at some point, address it professionally, quickly and offer to right the wrong. Remember, people are far more likely to take to social media about a negative experience than a positive one… though it does happen.

Bonus: Keep a list of sites, logins and passwords handy and make it part of your weekly duties to check for feedback and address it- Good or Bad!  A reoccurring Outlook appointment will help to get you into a pattern.


Create a Cohesive Digital Brand for Email, Website, Social Media

This might seem straightforward, but it can be difficult to achieve because it moves slow and requires attention to detail. It all starts with a brand standard manual. You may choose to make this as complicated or simple as you wish. Basically, grab a notebook, or a Word doc and start writing down the way you like things done. Use the same logo, colors, alignment and font across all projects, platforms and sites. Slowly, you will see your brand come together. But it starts with making decisions and documenting them for consistency.

Bonus: Tackle the big ones first. Website, email and social media in that order. Use your website as a starting point and a place to try things out. Then push it out to social media.

We Like: WordPress


Use a CMS Based Website

And update it regularly! There are so many benefits to storing your website, it’s content and all the good stuff that comes from that in the cloud. Use a CMS based website and keep it updated from anywhere. Don’t worry! It’s easier than it used to be to have an amazing website. You don’t have to learn html or break the budget! Complex sites with lots of functionality can be user-friendly in all formats! You will love the way an interactive and dynamic website increases sales and new client capture. Don’t forget clear Call To Action buttons, pointing clients to sign up or buy!


Use Live Chat, Text or Automated Text

This feature is so handy! Great for reminders and quick messages. With a chatting feature on your website or client portal, clients and prospects alike have an instant connection with someone from your company. This give them answers and lets them know you are there for them! And surprise, surprise… they are more affordable that you think!

Bonus: Make sure the chat or text feature receives proper coverage from your team, or else it may be the place where questions go to die.

We Like: Intercom, Zingle, Ring Central


We hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to check out the other posts in this series!