Don’t let 2016 fall short… there are a few technologies you shouldn’t go into 2017 without knowing more about.


Cloud has become a business game changer. Not only has it proven useful for business and personal use, but it has changed the way IT is managed. The cloud has also been around long enough for you to feel good about using it for the backbone of your business. Not only is it more flexible than a traditional server for storage, but it’s significantly less expensive as well.


Your trained employees are your greatest asset. They make your business stronger in every way. Improve their work day by providing them paid training that is easy to access and quick to complete. You will improve their productivity and potentially solve problems they have been working around.


Meet with a vCIO. Whether you have a 3-year or a 3-month business plan, a vCIO 2017 business meeting is very worthwhile in 2016. Avoid costly mistakes in future planning and make the most of the technology you already have in place. If you want more information on what a vCIO is… check out this Good-To-Know BLOG post.