We are always looking for fresh, new ways to be more efficient in our business. Here at Compex, we have some tried and true methods we want to share. This will be a five part blog post. So, once you complete one area, feel free to check out the other posts.

There are five places in your business to assess and potentially implement new efficiency.

Workflow  |  Marketing  |  Human Resources  |  Accounting/Finance  |  Upper Management

In this post we will be looking at: Human Resources


Automate New Hires

It’s exciting to bring on new employees! It diversifies the talent and helps your team grow. But lets be honest, it can be a time sink when you take into consideration onboarding paperwork, background checks, and benefits management. Utilize the talents of an online professional to assist with the simple tasks, and bring the employee into the paperwork loop before they get to the office with automated paperwork and online submission.


Cloud Based Timeclock, Paystubs and W2’s

When you create a self-serve environment on the cloud, it means your employees can get what they need, where they need it. (Even at home!) Nevermind the peace of mind you get knowing it’s stored safely in the cloud. Backed up and ready to go when you are! Admin access gives you what you need to view for each employee, and user access gives employees just their own paperwork.

We Like: Clockspot, Intuit


Document Management System, Revisions of Documents and Controls

As part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint can be configured to your liking with individual storage, departmental break offs and specific permissions in and out of your organization. The sky is the limit with monitoring of files, revision protection and advanced controls for viewing, editing and sharing. Never email an old file or print and walk a document to the front of the office again!

We Like: SharePoint from Office 365


Use an internal social media tool

Announce major or even minor changes to your environment without cluttering email boxes! Again, another awesome included feature of Office 365 is Yammer. Think of it as social media for your internal needs. Give kudos, share news, introduce employees, promotions or policies. Again, a great feature to utilize is the break off option for departments.

We Like: Yammer


Use a Reward System to Give Digital Kudos

Employees want recognition and co-workers often give the best compliments. We implemented a cloud based recognition system and our employees love it. Co-workers award points from a monthly replenished pool. Points are collected and redeemed for instant rewards. Bonus: Anniversary and birthday recognition can be set up automatically! Never miss another important date again!

We Like: Bonus.ly


We hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to check out the other posts in this series!