Compex Clients already know the power of Compex service for getting more from your IT.

With the fall and winter weather at the door, it seems like a good time to remind you that you can still get somethings done on inclement weather, stay-at-home or even sniffly-nose sick days.

If you want to stay connected with a project, opportunity or support team, here are a few tricks.

Need to access your desktop when you are out of the office?  Login through the Compex Computer control site at and click on the Connect to Computer icon

Need to Access Files? Make sure mobile email and SharePoint is setup on your phone (or if you want the full access online at and click on the Access Web Email icon)… or go to:

Make the most of your mobile device in a power outage or on-the-go:

  1. Download Microsoft Office for your Andriod Device at
  2. Download Microsoft Office for your iPhone Devices at

If you need to Request Resources from Compex, such as Proof of Insurance or W-9, please do so at:

Or maybe you would like to catch up on some online learning… Log into the Compex Learning Portal:

For Primary Account Contacts or Super Users: you can create, manage and view technical tickets on the road by visiting click on the Make a Ticket icon.

Some features need to be enabled on a per user basis by your manager and the Compex team. If you have questions or need these features enabled, please contact your manager directly.

Remember to try these helpful links and services before a huge snow dump.  This will ensure you have worked out all the potential kinks beforehand.

With so many options, you are sure to stay productive!