With so many changes on the horizon for the medial community, it can easily become overwhelming for Office managers, practitioners, support staff and patients to manage old systems, new systems, enforceable policies and updated procedures. At Compex Two we do our best to keep up with the changing demands of our medical clients using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for the organization of patient information. We try to develop support systems internally that support their day-to-day and we are so excited about this months release!


One of the emerging demands for meeting the qualifications of Meaningful Use 2 is the use and measurement of patients using the patient portal. We know first hand how difficult it can be to encourage participation in new technology specifically, a client portal. It boils down to client preference. Some clients prefer to call or email, while others are heavy users of the portal. Knowing that, education is the most effective tool in encouraging use!


Compex Two is proud to announce our own solution for promoting the patient portal!

You are busy! Let our free tools do the work for you. How about an educational video for your website? No problem! We have one, and it’s FREE!

How about a phone message for on-hold callers, reminding them to use the patient portal.

Check our site for other freebies!


Want a more customized approach? We have the customized tools you are looking for as well. How about a motion activated monitor that plays your customized video for patients waiting in exam rooms? Talk about a zero-burden promotional tool!


Visit www.compextech.com/patient-portal for more information.