Compex Two is committed to evoking passion for technology in the youth of our communities. We are proud to offer our first annual Technology With Purpose Laptop Scholarship program for high school seniors living in Oregon state.  There is no better way to share passion for technology, than by using technology! This is why we have requested a video contest for applicants.

Deadline is June 3o, 2014


For more information or to apply go to:

More Info


To be eligible for the Compex Two ‘Off to College with a Laptop’ scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduating senior enrolling in university or community college, or equivalent program
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Pursuing or planning to pursue computer science or coursework related to tech-heavy careers OR passion for technology and willingness to better the world with technology
  • Join us for lunch in Silverton, and meet our team to collect your laptop


To Apply:

  • Create your video, upload it to, complete the form on the right, Submit Entry and get everyone to vote for you!

o   Video should be no longer than 90 seconds and include Name, Current School, future plans and a brief description of the impact of having a new laptop in your life. What difference will it make? How will you use it?

  • Percentage of scoring will rely on Facebook voting- encourage your friends and family to vote for your video. We will also make the videos available for our existing followers, so show your personality. Most votes will automatically win the first laptop. Two additional laptops will be given out based on the above merits and judges’ approval. (But does not have to have the most votes.)
  • Winners will be selected on quality of character, voting score, video answer
  • Factors not considered: Quality of video. We want to see YOU and how you will use your laptop in a higher education environment. We want to see creativity, heart and passion for technology. Video can be recorded from iphone, ipad, ipod, regular computer, friends computer… it can even be done at the Apple store if you are creative enough!


Laptop is subject to change according to availability. One entry per person. One vote per voter, per day- So come back every day to vote for someone!

Compex Two is a technology solution provider in Silverton Oregon, serving the Willamette Valley and beyond for more than 12 years. We believe in giving back to the community, so we have started Technology with Purpose to promote good in the communities we work, live and love.