We are always looking for fresh, new ways to be more efficient in our business. Here at Compex, we have some tried and true methods we want to share. This will be a five part blog post. So, once you complete one area, feel free to check out the other posts.

There are five places in your business to assess and potentially implement new efficiency.

Workflow  |  Marketing  |  Human Resources  |  Accounting/Finance  |  Upper Management

In this post we will be looking at: Upper Management


Always Working, But Never At Work!

We understand how hard it is to keep a cohesive feel in a team that is abundant in talents, but widespread. Stay in contact through centrally stored files and projects, voip phone systems or Skype for constant contact… and let your team do it’s thing! Just because they aren’t in the office, or you aren’t in the office (for that matter), doesn’t mean they aren’t working.  Utilize the amazing technologies of today and encourage remote office capabilities.

We Like: Office 365, Ring Central, Skype


Report Management, Not Employee Management

Trust employees to make smart decisions. Ask them to document these decisions, show their work and in turn, present results. This allows employees to grow in their skill set, and frees your time to be focusing on the mission of your business. Micro-managing any employee, hurts every employee. Put systems in place and analyze the data as it makes sense.

We Like: Office 365, PowerBi


Invest in Management Learning- Find Benchmarks, Educate, Coach

There are a number of online and in-person learning opportunities for managers, leaders and upper management folks. Seek out local continuing education to re-learn the fundamentals and once benchmarks are established, coach the entire team to success. It starts at the top!


Share, Encourage and Live the Vision and Mission of Your Office

You have the greatest impact on your business success. Ensure you are leading by example with your teams. Hold yourself accountable to the same standard and higher, and in turn, hold your employees to the same standards. Remove negative outlook from the office and see productivity soar.


We hope you have learned lots of good stuff! Make sure you check out the other posts in this Efficiency Series!