How to Hold Effective Video Conferences and Digital Meetings

The modern business is on the go and needs flexibility, documentation and connectivity to keep moving forward. Hold your meetings on a digital media platform and stay in the loop.


7 Simple Steps for the Whole Team


Prepare an Agenda– Make the agenda available for contributions before the meeting. Once it’s closed, curb wild off-topic discussions in the current meeting. Make sure everyone has a copy of the agenda before the meeting begins, either by email or shared file.

Have an Outline & Stay on Track– Use it as a guide for the presentation of information, but ensure you are leaving time to take feedback or field questions.

Make Eye Contact– Keep your audience in your sights. Connect face to face (of course digitally)- look into the camera when you speak! And smile. Yes, they can see that. (It can also be heard in your voice when you smile.)

Write It Down– Just like a regular meeting, document the action items and decisions that are made. Email notes to all attendees (and people who need the information and didn’t attend). Or better yet, save them online in a shared file.

Sound is Your Strongest Asset and Distraction– Speak one at a time, reduce echo. Often high quality microphones will only pick up one voice at a time as a noise cancelling feature. Take turns, avoid side conversations and be mindful not to create extra noise. We’re looking at you, pen-clicking guy!

Test your Background– Depending on your message or your audience, you may need to modify your surroundings. Ensure lighting is good and you are dressed for a presentation. If you are not sure, test your scenery before you begin your transmission.

Follow up– Confirm the next meeting date while still in the meeting and send out a reminder to get an accurate head count for attendees.

Compex Tip: Some of our favorite tools for video conference are Skype for connectivity and Logitech for high-quality cameras. (And with digital displays becoming more affordable everyday, feel free to skip the traditional projector and screen for a clearer picture on the display.)


With so much of the Compex team frequently dispersed, we rely on digital conferences to keep us in contact and on the same page. Ask an Account Manager for more information about how you can implement this technology in your office. Good news… you might not be far off from even a basic connection with equipment you already own!