If you only do one thing for your IT this year… it should be a meeting with a vCIO!


What is a vCIO? A virtual Chief Information Officer.

You are probably familiar with the position of Chief Information Officer as being an information technology expert, but what is a virtual CIO? A vCIO is someone with the knowledge of a CIO who can meet with you as-needed to evaluate your business needs and plan accordingly for necessary changes. Meetings can be held in person or, virtually, as the title suggests.

Why? A vCIO can help you recognize changes in the technical industry that you would otherwise be in the dark regarding. By pairing their expertise in the tech industry with your expertise in your industry, you can discuss hardware and software changes for the future year, as well as discuss roll-out plans for upgrades. A vCIO will be abreast of end of life products, upcoming improvements and how to avoid roadblocks to success.

What are the benefits? Think of a good vCIO as being on par with the expert information you gain from your CPA or lawyer. You get the benefit of their knowledge without the full time commitment.


Compex offers vCIO services and would be happy to discuss your options. Click HERE to get in touch.