…and Compex is ready!

In fact, we have been working with augmented reality and virtual reality for some time now and have been assessing the best and proper business integration for them both. There is no shortage of information promising that virtual reality will transform your surroundings and lead to unimaginable experiences. But what impact will it have on business and ultimately is it just a bunch of hype? Yes… and No (for now!)

Let’s talk a little more in detail and see how VR will be growing in business capacity in 2016.


First, the NO side:

No, we won’t be wearing VR glasses to work this year, and No, we won’t likely be using this technology to input cost into Quickbooks. While that sounds like a lot of fun, we have to be reasonable, at least for now. The technology has a way to go before these regular tasks have VR functionality. Remember the first time you saw someone using multiple screens on their desk? It was mind blowing and kind of overwhelming, right? This is where we are with VR. It’s still so new, that when you stumble across it, you have to think to yourself, we can do that?


Now, the YES side:

Yes, we will be rolling out business worthy, albeit, bleeding-edge VR technologies later this year. Compex is currently working with Microsoft to acquire and test the development series of the HoloLens (www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens) to pioneer ways to make people and businesses more efficient for the future. Imaging being able train employees within a virtual environment across oceans. Imagine presenting new projects to your top clients in a virtual environment that allows for collaboration, information sharing and immediate feedback. These are the very real and possible realities this year. It will do for business what video conferencing innovations in the early 2000’s did to connect people. (Now we all carry a mini video conference tool in our pockets… we are looking at you FaceTime.)


And it gets even better.

VR by itself is a great and powerful tool, but even better is its evolution alongside ground breaking technologies such as voice command /recognition (think Amazon Alexa, Siri, Dragon), big data for small businesses (think Power Bi), unified communications such as Skype for Business and more. When we put all these together we really start to see solutions that are exciting- beyond what any one technology can provide. And that is where the real magic happens! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

GooglePractical Application:

The Compex Office is available for viewing as a 360 tour on Google, but with the use of Google Cardboard, it can be viewed through Virtual Reality.

Google Cardboard app for iPhone is available for FREE in the App store. (You will need to make or buy a viewer to take full advantage of the virtual reality feature.)

Our virtual reality office tour is HERE. You can enjoy the tour without the VR.



If you think your business would benefit from knowing more about this process or other practical applications for VR, please contact us HERE.

Thanks and Cheers to 2016 and some pretty amazing new technologies.